Monday, March 17, 2014

My weekend

This weekend was my 2nd son's 8th birthday. It was a great weekend spent with my boys with  no fighting or meltdowns (a rarity in our house for sure)!

I am slowly trying to change my eating, and sadly Saturday was not a shining moment. We had homemade waffles with all the fixings for breakfast, Wendy's including a frosty :-(, and frozen pizza for dinner. Then as if that wasn't bad enough, I had an ice cream treat after the boys went to bed because I was stressed out about some stuff. Definitely not a good day.

On that bright side, I did go for a 2 mile walk with my friend before we left and I did quite a bit of walking (and carrying a heavy toddler) around the mall. I'm sure didn't make up for the crappy eating, but could have been worse.

Sunday the eating was better, but no exercise what so ever. I had evil shin splints from the walk and just didn't feel like it. Been fighting the urge to stress eat all day. A big bowl of ice cream or a donut sounded heavenly. I knew it wouldn't make me feel better long term so I resisted, but I really wanted it.

Stress is going to be a major factor in my life over the next few months and I have to get ahold of the mindless eating or I will be gain back the 10 pounds I lost plus some. I am hoping that the nicer weather will finally arrive and we won't be so cooped up in the house. I am not an outdoors person and I'm even less of a winter person so these past few months have been brutal on me.

Hoping for a nice relaxing Monday, if such a thing even exists!

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